Reduce Frizz

Reduce Frizz

How to Reduce Frizz

Frizz reduction starts with your healthy cleansing routine.
Coating your hair with HONEYBLOWOUT PRE-POO gives your hair the benefits of honey, oils, and conditioners before you

The cleansing agents in shampoo (also known as sulfate-free) were designed to cleanse the hair, but that process often strips your hair's natural oils, which can dry the hair out, especially if it's not sulfate-free.

Most shampoos do not have enough moisture for hair prone to frizz. Using HONEYBLOWOUT pre-poo allows the hair to have all of the moisture it needs to support your styling products. It also helps manage and reduce frizz, ultimately illuminating shine, and deliver a smooth result to your curly hairstyles twist outs, blowouts, extensions, and microlinks.

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